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Manage Your Own Online Story With The Right Tools

Manage and / or create your own website, an email campaign, a facebook advertisement… it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little technical knowledge and experience you can easily get started yourself.

Magnum web design is happy to help you on your way so that you are in control about your own website and you manage your online reputation yourself.


Grow Your Business

By building a beautiful website, the necessary interest arises and you build confidence. By using the right technology, your site can also be viewed as mobile super fast.

Your Website Is Going To 1 Thing: Attracting the Right People.

By presenting the correct content, you show your authority and ensure that Google places your page at the top of the search results. Everyone happy !

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Are you really motivated and inspired? Then we can strengthen each other’s passion and make a huge impact on your results

Business Coaching

We listen, steer and provide advice regarding your online reputation and footprint.

Keynotes & Talks

We like to speak for groups and are open to provide an online reputation session for your company.

Staff Training

If you need additional education, training or training, we are happy to help through practical workshops


We will soon open our private facebook group. Talk to entrepreneurs and experts in your region.

Interested in a closed facebook group to vansilate and communicate about the local community, local events, opportunities and especially how to strengthen your online reputation. Register on our list and we will send you an invitation quickly.

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Write yourself in this and receive all news in function of your online reputation

Working smarter, not harder for a better rep

If you somehow manage a part that is part of your online reputation, you know that it can take a lot of time and energy.

Many people do not know that (even large companies) use a lot of tools with which they partly automate their online reputation.

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Own website

Your website 100% focused on the user experience.

Social media

2 posts a day keeps the customer coming your way.

Search engines

The greatest secrets in the world can be found on page

Online reviews

+ 90% buys based on reviews and reviews.

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