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Hey, I’m Dennis Matthijs from Magnum Webdesign. I get Kicks from website that work … for you. Putting a company on the map together with Magnum is what drives us.

A successful website for our customers is a successful website for us. That is why we measure our success against yours. Depending on your needs, I am alone or with a whole team of experts. From logo, to corporate identity. From web design, to online advertisements. From email marketing, to lead magnet. We help you move forward!

Your website as part of a well-oiled marketing machine


Online marketing is the interplay of a gigantic arsenal of weapons to bring you closer to your goal.

A well-functioning website that attracts visitors and generates customers requires more than excellent web design. Your online marketing strategy also determines whether your website is buried on the 2nd page of Google or is rewarded with the first place. We have the knowledge and skills to turn your website into a marketing bomb. We go to extremes for that. Content creation, search engine optimization, social media advertisements, link building, … We are not averse to anything.

Creative in All Aspects

We love nice web design that works … and a website works if it provides you with more customers.

The success of your website does not depend so much on its looks, or the design, photos or fonts. All parts that we focus on so that everything is tight. But good luck ... no. They are not the parts of a successful website.

The success of your website depends on the added value you offer your customers. Does your website offer anything valuable? Do visitors have a reason to choose your site? If so, you also give Google a reason to put your website at the top of the ranking.

Do you want to achieve a greater online impact with your company? Do you want to grow your business in a predictable way? Then determining the right online strategy is crucial.

We use all online weapons to boost your website. Together we choose the ideal mix of Google search results and Google My Business to Facebook ads and LinkedIn campaigns. We provide a interplay that sounds like a bell and tastes like a … Magnum.

Your online marketing no longer consists of several separate parts, each of which is active on an island. No, it is one large set of integrated elements that together can lead to exceptional results.

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